Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ADMT Test: 14th April 2011

Topic: Mechanism
Date: 14th April 2011
Time: After CST lesson
Duration of Test: 45mins
Paper: 2Questions, 10 marks each. This paper is 20% of the SA marks.

*Points to note: You are required to sketch and label the mechanism used to solve the scenario in each question. Label your sketches and explain in details how the mechanism works.

1. Gears: Rotations, increasing/ decreasing speed or force.
2. Cam: How it is used to move object/ part of the object up and down. Possible for it to combine with another mechanism to create reciprocating movement?
3. linkage: Opening and closing an object. Creating specific movement by combining with other mechanism.
4. Pulley: lifting of load using compound pulley. possible to use it for transportation of load from point A to Point B?
5. Levers: Different classes of lever and its applications.

* All materials are loaded in the submit folder, Material. You can use these material or the following links for your revision.
How things work
Technology Student
Learn Anything

Good luck for your coming test.

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