Tuesday, July 5, 2011

T3 W2:The Journey Continues....

Dear pupils of S206,

Have you submit the assignment, Organise an event in the school hall, to the submit folder?

Using keynote. Define the event, design the activities that are related to the event, take a picture of the layout and write down your considerations when planning the activities and layout of the event. Name the file as NAME_Layout and submit to the ADMT submit folder.

There are two periods today thus a good time to make some decisions. In this architectural design project, you will be given these options:
1. Old SST building,
2. KTM building,
3. KTP Hospital open pond area,
4. Other physical existing building that can be redesigned.

Research on these buildings and their surrounding areas, decide and choose one of the options. Think about how the building can be redesigned and support your ideas with evidences.
Think about this question: " What are the considerations that need to be made before generating idea for your option?"

The followings are some buildings and places in Singapore which are redesigned:

Do research and find out about the history of these buildings and places, Fullerton Hotel, Red Dot Design Museum, St James Power Station and Clarke Quay.
Learn from these examples (What considerations are made when redesigning these buildings and places?) and gather ideas for your architectural design project.

Please remember. Document your work in your journal..... Whatever you did today, it is part of the project journal.

A good WEEK ahead!

Edwin Lim

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