Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Term 4 Week 1: Friday due for Design Journal & SketchUp Model

Dear Pupils of S206,

Hope you had a good break during the September Holiday. Sorry that I am unable to be around as required to take care of my family. Seeking your UNDERSTANDING.

This is the START of term four and Friday is the due for your Design Journal and SketchUp Model. I really hope you have completed them during the September Holiday and only required minor changes at this moment. Please remember to submit your work on FRIDAY as any late submission will result in loss of marks/ grade.

Please create a folder, named it as S206_NAME_ADMT_PROJECT2011. In this folder, please drop in the files consisting the Design Journal and Models. SketchUp Models can be of different parts, examples MyBuilding, Floorplan and Layout of Special Rooms/facilities.

Have a Good Week Ahead!

Edwin Lim

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