Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Global Citizenship Program: Talent Development Program (TDP) Level 2 for ADMT

Dear Year 2 students,

As you might have known, there would be a Level 2 TDP trip to Vietnam in week 10 of Term 2, that is specially catered to those who are interested in expanding your interests in ADMT. The objectives of the trip are as follows:
- To have a deeper understanding of the requirements of urban planning
- To uncover the relationship between cultural influences and the architectural development of a developing country
- To understand the requirements of developing a learning and recreational space for the youths

As you would have probably noticed, this trip is skewed towards an even larger understanding of how ADMT is applied at a more macro level, that includes urban planning, architecture and other related areas.

As I am gathering information and working on the detailed plans, I am encouraging those who fits the profile below, and who are not involved in other GCP trips, to come and see me (Mr Irfan) personally, anytime after school for further details, before next Tuesday, 1st March, 2011. My main target group are as follows:
Students with strong interest in ADMT
Students who are independent learners
Students who exhibit a positive learning attitude
See you till then.

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