Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wk7: Mechanism

First Period
As part of the requirements of the toy design project, your team would have to consider the inclusion of Simple Mechanisms, or Simple Electronics in your designs. In Today's lesson, the class would cover a basic introduction to simple mechanisms. There are 6 toy design teams and each team would be covering one of these basic areas of mechanisms. Every pupil in the class has a role to play as all your work will be consolidated to be used as reference for the class.

1. Introduction to Mechanism
2. Levers
3. Cams
4. Pulleys
5. Gears
6. Linkages

You can use the following 3 sites as your initial references:
How things work
Technology Student
Learn Anything
Interesting Activity/Game on Mechanism
Moving Toy

Create a shared document titled as S207Mechanism: Topic.
In this shared document, do cite the sources which the information and graphics are obtained.
Create keynote for your presentation.

Second period
Select one or two members to present the information to the class.

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