Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wk 6: Challenge, Ideas and Development of selected idea

Redefine the Challenge
Do revisit the challenge and redefine it so that the group understands the focus.

The challenge is to design and create a toy that enables the children (5-8 years old) to use their creativity to construct a flying device that will fly the furthest.

Idea Generation and Selecting the BEST idea
All members in the group must generate at least one idea used to solve the challenge. Selecting the BEST idea is a convergence process thus the group will need to show the method used to selected the BEST idea. Methods can be Paired Comparison Analysis (PCA) tool, evaluation Matrix. The group will need to set the criterions before assessing the different ideas.

Selected Idea
Create the isometric projection and 1st angle orthographic projection of the selected idea. Do take into considerations about the ergonomics and anthropometry data of the children when finalizing the size (dimensions) of the selected idea.

Development of idea
The group will need to develop the idea to understand the construction of the prototype.
The group will need to assess the selected idea and understand the following.
1. How many parts are there in the idea?
2. What are the sizes (dimensions) of the individual part?
3. Materials?
4. What type of joints to use to join the part together?
5. How to create the individual part?
6. How to incorporate mechanism/ electronic components in the prototype?

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